Transmission measurements

Laser, LED & Lamp Safety

Spectral transmission measurements of various materials

We offer spectral transmittance measurements of various materials within the wavelength range of 250 nm – 2500 nm.


  • Textiles:
    We measure the protection characteristics of textiles against solar UV-radiation according to EN 13758-1 (classification of the UV-protection factor UPF). Our test set-up was validated by an international inter-laboratory comparison and found to be excellent, based on the high dynamics of our measuring system.
  • Glasses/Glass panes:
    We classify photometric and physical radiation characteristics of glass panes according to EN 410 (e.g. light transmission factor, UV-transmission factor) as well as according to the CIE–Publication Nr. 38 (e.g. transmission factor, scattered transmission, directed transmission).
  • Sunglasses/Protection filters:
    We measure and calculate the protective effect of sunglasses and protection filters according to EN 1836 (e.g. solar UV-transmission factor, light transmission factor).


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