Newsletter 2/2016

Interpretation Sheet for IEC 60825-1

On September 9th, the drafts for Interpretation Sheets for IEC 60825-1 (Edition 3) were distributed to the National Committees of IEC TC 76 (IEC documents 76/553 DC and 554 DC). The interpretation sheets intend to clarify the application of the rules of IEC 60825-1 for complex cases, particularly of extended and pulsed emissions. Many of the issues are also discussed in our ILSC 2015 papers “Analysis of pulsed emission…” and “Classification of extended sources…”.

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ILSC 2017 Call for Papers

Dr. Karl Schulmeister, Chair of the Scientific Sessions is happy to forward the call for submission of papers for ILSC 2017. Deadline for submission of abstracts: October 6, 2016

>> Call for Papers

>> Abstract submission

Download: new peer reviewed paper

To support IEC 62471-5 (Photobiological Safety of Projectors) we conducted a risk analysis in cooperation with Jan Daem, Chair of Laser Illuminated Projector Association, which was published in Journal Laser Applications and is available for free download.

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