Newsletter 1/2018

Interpretation Sheets for IEC 60825-1 published

At the end of 2017, the two interpretation sheets for IEC 60825-1 Edition 3.0 were published. The interpretation sheets were developed by IEC TC 76 with Karl Schulmeister as project leader. ISH1 covers complex pulsed emission, while ISH2 covers laser illuminated lamps and projectors. For both issues, additional discussions can be found in ILSC papers that are available in our down-load section.

In Europe, while the IEC Interpretation Sheets have the same informative value as at IEC level with respect to application of IEC 60825-1, the ISH will not be published formally by CENELEC because the document type “Interpretation Sheet” does not exist in Europe. CENELEC TC 76 has started a project to amend EN 60825-1 where the information of the IEC Interpretation Sheets will be included in an Annex.

>> Download ISH1

>> Download ISH2

>> ILSC paper download

Validation Paper Retinal Injury Model

We are happy to announce that the peer reviewed validation paper of our retinal injury model has been published in the Journal of Laser Application. The model can be used to quantitatively predict thermally induced retinal injury thresholds for all applicable wavelengths, pulse durations and retinal irradiance profiles. Injury thresholds can be used in a risk analysis to decide if a fault in a laser product is relevant for classification under IEC 60825-1.

>> Open access

United Kingdom: Laser Pointers Consultation Outcome

In 2017, the UK Government conducted a call for evidence on laser pointer safety and the government response is now available online.

>> Link to UK laser pointer consultation

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