Bioeffekte, Grenzwerte und Risiko

Bioeffekte, Grenzwerte und Risiko

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NEU im April 2017

Computer modelling irregular pulse trains
Matieu Jean, Karl Schulmeister, Nico Heussner, Annette Frederiksen
ILSC 2017 Conference Proceedings, Paper #304, Page 166-172

Class 3R and consumer laser safety standard
Karl Schulmeister
ILSC 2017 Conference Proceedings, Paper #604, Page 238-247

Risk of retinal injury from "Risk Group 2" laser illuminated projectors
Karl Schulmeister, Jan Daem
Journal of Laser Applications, Vol. 28, No. 4, Nov. 2016
Link to free PDF download from Journal Website

Biophysical data in support of the classification distance for image projectors under IEC 62471-5
Karl Schulmeister, Jan Daem
ILSC 2015 Proceedings Paper #301, Page 96-105

Validation of a computer model to predict laser induced thermal injury thresholds of the retina
Mathieu Jean and Karl Schulmeister
ILSC 2013 Proceedings Paper #1002, p 229 - 238

Computer modeling of laser induced injury of the skin
Mathieu Jean and Karl Schulmeister
ILSC 2013 Proceedings Paper #P105, p 366 - 370

Revision der ICNIRP-Guidelines zu inkohärenter Breitband- und Laserstrahlung
Karl Schulmeister
Tagungsbericht der Nichtionisierende Strahlung in Arbeit und Umwelt, 2011, Seiten 21-45

Review of thresholds and recommendations for revised exposure limits for laser and optical radiation for thermally induced retinal injury
Schulmeister K, Stuck BE, Lund DJ, Sliney DH
Health Physics. 100(2):210-220, February 2011

Manifestations of the Strong Non-Linearity of Thermal Injury
Karl Schulmeister, Mathieu Jean
ILSC 2011 Paper 901, p. 201-204

Modelling of laser induced injury of the cornea
Karl Schulmeister, Mathieu Jean
ILSC 2011 Paper 903, p. 214-217

The widely varying risk from Class 3R laser products in light of the revision of IEC 60825-1
Karl Schulmeister
ILSC 2011 Paper 103, p.72-75

The risk of retinal injury from Class 2 and visible Class 3R lasers, including medical laser aiming beams
Karl Schulmeister, Mathieu Jean
Medical Laser Application 25 (2010), pp. 99-110

Ex-vivo and computer model study on retinal thermal laser induced damage in the visible wavelength range
K Schulmeister, J Husinsky, B Seiser, F Edthofer, B Fekete, L Farmer, D J Lund
Journal Biomedical Optics 13, 054038 (2008)

Review of exposure limits and experimental data for corneal and lenticular damage from short pulsed UV and IR laser radiation
Karl Schulmeister, David H. Sliney, John Mellerio, David J. Lund, Bruce E. Stuck , Joseph A. Zuclich
Journal Laser Applications, Vol 20 (2008) p 98 - 105

Retinal thermal laser damage thresholds for different beam profiles and scanned exposure
Karl Schulmeister, Reinhard Gilber, Bernhard Seiser, Florian Edthofer, Johannes Husinsky, Beate Fekete and Letizia Farmer
Ophthalmic Technologies XVIII, Proc. Of  SPIE Volume 6844, Paper 68441L, Pages 68441L-1 to 68441L-12

Variation of Laser-induced retinal injury thresholds with retinal irradiated area: 0.1 s duration, 514 nm exposures
David J. Lund, Peter Edsall, Bruce E Stuck and Karl Schulmeister
Journal Biomedical Optics 12, 024023 (2007)

Ex-plant retinal laser induced threshold studies in the millisecond time regime
Karl Schulmeister, Johannes Husinsky, Florian Edthofer, Bernhard Seiser and Helga Tuschl and David J. Lund
SPIE 6084, 60841E (2006)

Modelling of the laser spot size dependence of retinal thermal damage
Karl Schulmeister, Bernhard Seiser, Florian Edthofer and David J. Lund
ILSC 2005, p 48 – 57

Laser-induced retinal injury thresholds: Variation with retinal irradiated area
David J. Lund, Karl Schulmeister, Bernhard Seiser, Florian Edthofer
SPIE Proceedings Vol 5688B, Laser and Noncoherent Light Ocular Effects: Epidemiology, Prevention, and Treatment, San Jose 2005, Ed. B. E. Stuck and M. B. Belkin, 469 - 478.

Second Order PRA Model for Ocular Laser Damage
Karl Schulmeister, Herbert Hödlmoser, John Mellerio and David H. Sliney
ILSC 2003 Proceedings, p 229-237

A Probabilistic Risk Analysis Model for Receiving Laser Eye Injury from Space Based Lasers
Karl Schulmeister, Gerald Sonneck, Frank Rattay, Herbert Hödlmoser, David Sliney, John Mellerio, Alain Culoma, Christian Preyssl
ESA SP-486 Proceedings, 2002, p. 109 - 113

Monte Carlo Simulation of the Probability of Hazardous Human Exposure from Space Based Lasers
K. Schulmeister, G. Sonneck, H. Hödlmoser, F. Rattay, J. Mellerio and D. Sliney
ILSC 2001, Technical Digest, p. 96-100

Implications of using ED-50 and Probit analysis in comparing retinal injury threshold data
D. H. Sliney, J. Mellerio, and K. Schulmeister,
SPIE Vol. 4246 Proceedings, 2001

Modeling of uncertainty associated with dose–response curves as applied for probabilistic risk assessment in laser safety
K. Schulmeister, G. Sonneck, H. Hödlmoser, F. Rattay, J. Mellerio and D. Sliney
SPIE Vol. 4246, Proceedings 2001

Concepts in dosimetry related to laser safety and optical radiation hazard evaluation
K. Schulmeister
SPIE Vol. 4246,  2001, Ed. B. E. Stuck and M. B. Belkin.


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